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Coaches Corner with FRANK HAGER of CORNELL


Congratulations, you committed to the school of your dreams. What next? Now it is time to work even harder. The exceptional in High School becomes the average in College, both on the field and in the classroom. Time to get after it with your habits, leadership, and communication.

For most of you, Freshman year of college will introduce a newfound independence. You are free to study what you enjoy, join clubs that interest you, and build your own schedule. In order to take advantage of this independence, it is important to establish the right habits now so that they are ingrained in your lifestyle when you walk on campus. Wake up early, make your bed, eat a hearty breakfast, and attack your day. Eliminate late nights playing Fortnite, snoozing past breakfast, and pushing your workout to tomorrow. Start today in establishing productive habits.

Compete to work a count, move a runner over, and attack the strike zone. Be a servant leader: carry the bucket off the bus, always give a hard 90’, mentor the younger guys on your club. Leadership and competitive spirit turn a talented team into a championship team at every level of the game.

Continue to develop relationships with your future teammates and coaches. The current players on the team will help you understand the standards, expectations, and culture of the program. Your fellow recruiting class will be your classmates, roommates, and best friends. Keep them, and your future coaches, up to date on your life both on and off the field. If you have a day off, try to catch your future team if they are playing a game in your area. You are now a part of a family.

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