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Play to Win's mission is to help you in your college search and find the schools that best meet your academic and baseball/softball goals. Our goal is to achieve the proper balance of sport and academics. We have the most effective and ethical approach to the recruiting process.

About Us


Each member of the Play to Win team brings a unique skill set to the table. Our combination of knowledge, the relationship athletics plays in the admissions process, and our ability to show progression sets us apart from others. We maintain tremendous relationships with college coaches, present realistic expectations to our clients, offer accurate assessments of your abilities, and understand the difference between an offer and a solicitation.

We are not a factory or database. We are not a recruiting or scouting service. We are your guide, your counselor, your coach through the college search process.

We understand the importance of leveraging baseball or softball to achieve the best academic situation possible.  You can be sure that everyone on our team shares the same vision.

Gary Cohn Founder & President

JONATHAN HOLT Director of Operations

BRUCE LARKINS Manager of Baseball Operations

ANNIE SOMMERS FAZZINO Manager of Softball Operations

Rob Clayton Recruiting Manager - Baseball